Hi Wayne,

A lot of greetings from Germany! I can speak for our Business Unit and we would definitely like to work with you again! My boss – who is also sending you greetings – was really happy about your photos. He even said, he gained back his trust in American photographers. I believe that this is the greatest compliment possible.

Thank you very much and have a great day.

P.S. We have used your photos for our homepage – looks great. Especially the image depth is amazing.



I am happy everything was so quick and easy. I will be in Elmsford by next week to meet our Head of Marketing North America.
I will recommend you, so maybe they have some projects in the pipeline. Hope to meet you again by chance!

Best regards,
H. N.

Another fabulous job by the photo magician!
Thanks for doing this on such short notice.

First of all, I have to say, you rock. Your pictures are being so well received, and you make me look good! I am so happy with your work and really appreciate what you’ve accomplished. You’re my go-to guy for all clients who need photography. Greg A.
I cannot stop looking at this photo! It is absolutely the best shot ever couldn’t be more perfect. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!! I cannot believe that shot it is incredible!!!!!!!!!

Wayne, These are fantastic! Really jettisons our image.
Thank you, Sarah. B.


Subject: Behold the magic of Wayne Dion

To D.T., Unbelievable job on Wayne’s part.
No small feat to convert an engineering design file format to hi rez, web rez jpeg and at warp speed. Considering our time and effort into the press releases and CD, having a quality image is crucial.

Jane B.
Senior PR & Marketing AE


Dear Wayne,

Thank you for your great job. I just got a praise for our work from the marketing manager in Germany. Germany has downloaded all 70 pictures, I did too.
Best regards,


Your workup is pure genius. We love it. This stuff is terrific. You do a better job than the real estate marketing personnel that are around Boston.



Hey Wayne-

Your a very talented guy! The photos look great! Thank you for mentioning me on the site- I did do most of the work, so I do deserve it! he he. The boys were very pleased with the shoot and the photos- I will be sure to send you a copy of the magazine when it arrives. Take care.

Thank you for everything, I really appreciate you coming out in the last minute and entertaining the fellows with your jokes.

Nancy M.
G. I.


Wayne, Fantastic job! Great eye and really captured the essence of Stafford and the team that makes it so special. Thank you for all your hard work.


WOW, these two photos with the fish eye lens are unreal!!!! This event is so exciting and I want you to make sure that Wayne maintains copyright and ownership of these photos because they are going to be fantastic! What took place yesterday was something very special, with everything that came together and with all the coordination along with the weather and winds. Having Wayne there, someone who is obviously a professional at this, has to lead to something much larger, who knows. One thing for sure, Island Packet Yachts will be wanting some of these photos for print advertising and magazines, so hold on to them!

I know for me, it was very exciting to be on scene and to know that we had someone with the artistic ability of Wayne and the background of Wayne to get these shots. Outstanding work on the entire event!

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!! Boat Pics has nothing over you!

Hayden Cochran – Island Spirit


Your work is making a huge difference for us and in particular me. I mostly just copy and paste stuff, but our ads and literature are sooo much more professional using your pics. I know that we are probably not the best at getting back to you right away and I apologize for that. But your ideas and work are greatly appreciated. Lastly, I created my T3 hand out last week. I used the pictures and logo that you created. I gave a copy of it to Clay and his jaw was on the ground about the way it looked. He took it with him and showed everybody that had a pulse.



I have looked at the proofs and the photos look GREAT! I have already saved one of the photos as a desktop wallpaper (I’m sure the others will follow suit).
Once again, thanks for your creative eye, and patience.

Best wishes,
S. L. S., Inc.

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