You’ve got a great story now you need a great image to make the cover.

Getting the cover of a trade magazine is never a guarantee but without a great image to provide to the publisher, you’ll never even get close.
So how do you increase your chances of getting the cover? Hire a pro. A pro with the vision to see what you do, how you do it and what the magazine editors are looking for on the cover of their next publication.
A seasoned professional industrial / commercial photographer will have done their due diligence before designing the image. Yes, images need to be designed. Some of us will actually sketch up a drawing but others will write up a detailed description. Either way, this ensures everyone is on the same page.

The photographer will have researched your industry and the specific targeted magazine prior to submitting their concept. They will have looked back over the past year or so of magazine covers so they have a complete understanding of what appeals to the magazine editors. Although you’re marketing your company, this one needs to target the editor first. If they don’t like it, it will never be on their cover.

Besides the image, there is usually a story inside. Make this as good as you can. The combination of the two will either put you on the cover or be one of the top contenders. There may be a point in time when the magazine will actually solicit your company for the cover story and you’d better be ready. Know who needs to be called and be confident in their abilities.

Prior to each of these cover shoots, I did all of the above to ensure the image had the best possible chance of making the cover. Looks like it worked!
©2017 Wayne Dion / Dion & Company