Boston Commercial & Industrial Photographer


Promoting your CNC Machining Capabilities

A visual look at what happens when the doors close.

Close the doors, program the machine, hit START and wait. So what are we waiting for? The part? Coffee break? The weekend? No, we’re waiting for the latest custom CNC part to emerge from your machine that adds profit to your bottom line and solves the problem your customer had before they placed the order.

Deep inside the machine where milling oil, lit by fluorescent light, sprays around in a finely tuned choreographed dance, making your vision and technical expertise come to life. At times, the process is obscured by the endless procession of lubricant keeping the part and the tool cool and protected.

This is the business end of your business. It’s what makes you who you are. It’s why you opened the doors in the first place.

How do you extract a visual for your site, marketing materials and social media that will tell a story and impact the viewer so that they pick up the phone and call your sales rep who can close the deal?

One solution is to hire a professional industrial photographer who understands what you do, how you do it and for whom you do it for. Not a high end amateur or wedding photographer but someone who comes with the knowledge and appreciation of what is actually going on within the CNC machine, your company and industry.

A true industrial photographer will be ready to insert weather sealed cameras into the abyss that can be controlled wirelessly. They are not afraid to spend 2 hours cleaning the waterproof housing after the shoot. A photographer who is ready to create in any environment, under any conditions with the ability to deliver images that will add to your perception in the marketplace and help build your brand.

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