why drones cannot compete in most cases. 3-20-2017

The dawn of the affordable drone brought people into the craft by the millions. How fun it is to fly and the vantage point you get was unequaled before their arrival. Chinese drone manufacturer, DJI played a big role in bringing consumer drones to market.

Commercial and residential real estate organizations jumped on the opportunity to showcase a property from the air with photos and video at an affordable cost…..or is it?

90% of drones today fly action cameras. Without a doubt, they create some spectacular aerial video footage but the quality of the photos comes up short. 10 or 12 megapixel sensors in the cameras is one of the problems. The sensor’s physical size is the other. A 12MP camera with a tiny little sensor will never produce the quality of images a full frame 12mp sensor will and they would certainly not be able to compete with that a 36MP full frame sensor camera as present in a Nikon or Canon pro body.

To residential brokers relying only on MLS listings this is not an issue. MLS still lives in the pre-HDTV world. Images under 600 pixels wide are currently the norm but that is about to change…..directly from my suggestions submitted to them in February 2017. To commercial property agents or high end real estate selling homes in the multiple millions of dollars the cell phone quality image just cannot meet the standards necessary to attract the high-end buyer.

If you are able to locate a service that flies full size DSLR cameras or even pro video cameras like the RED®, the costs may surprise you. Add in delays for weather and air traffic and your deadline could be missed.

A fair amount of drone operators fly without any training or regard for FAA rules. Few get licensed and even if they do there are many restrictions in all metropolitan areas. Penalties can be stiff if caught. Even if there are no financial penalties forthcoming, the hoops you’ll have to jump through may be more than you expect.

BostonAerial.com has been flying for over 20 years using commercially licensed and insured pilots. We can fly when the winds are more than 10 knots and always get the shot you need. We fly with the approval of the FAA and the local control towers each and every time whether we’re over Government Center or over a cranberry bog on the south coast.

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