Boston Aerial photographs for; Real Estate, Construction Sites, Solar Designers, Architects, Builders, City Planners, Building Owners, Colleges & Universities, Golf Courses, Resorts, Etc.

Boston Aerial specializes in high resolution aerial photography created from helicopters and not drones. Why? Because we can produce higher quality images with our professional, high megapixel digital cameras than a typical drone. Some high end drones can carry professional gear but most do not. They are great for video but cannot compete with the image resolution provided by pro cameras. We also are FAA approved when we fly. The control towers grant us access close by the airport and over heavily populated areas.

Aerial images create a dynamic impact to your collateral. We shoot for web, print, display, advertising, electronic or any other kind of publication. Call us today for more information. Visit our aerial photography galleries to see samples of our work.

Need your property photographed? We capture YOUR property, not the entire county. Need it big? We shoot images over 100 megabytes for the best finished product possible.

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