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It’s not about us, it’s about you. Customer service is paramount at Dion & Company. Our business is more than just pictures. Dependability, punctuality and satisfaction are all an integral part of our commercial photography business. Once you’ve worked with us you’ll realize you’ve made the right choice. No matter where you are or where you send us, we have your proofs online by the next business morning and high resolution images on DropBox within 48 hours of your image selection. Fully insured.


Dion doesn’t look at a project as a job. It’s another opportunity to create. Clients have often commented during a shoot that they can actually see the passion in the process. Even in conversation it shows. This passion transmits to the final images and that’s good for your business and ours.


We are on time, every time. It doesn’t matter where the assignment has taken us we arrive on time and ready to create. From Boston to Seattle to LA, New Orleans and Laredo we have been on time and ready. Disclaimer: Not responsible for circumstances beyond our control like acts of war, terror, tsunamis, volcanoes, flight cancellations or food poisoning.

Art Direction.

With decades of experience, along with a studio art background, Dion knows what works and what doesn’t. There will always be specifics that need to be addressed on a shoot but we will never walk in and just operate our gear. It is our goal to showcase your products, people or environment in a creative and technically correct manner that appeals to your target audience.

We’re Ready for Anything.

Dion & Company’s production van contains everything that could be required for a photo or video shoot. Separate photo and video lighting systems and tripods, multi-camera video production, lavaliere microphones, camera crane, studio strobes, camera dollies, backdrops and stands, panoramic photo heads, 360 motorized video head, action cameras, wireless camera control, LED lighting, etc.

In addition to all the gear, the van itself includes a 190-amp power inverter which turns it into a 25-gallon electrical generator. We can shoot on location anywhere the van can go and bring our own power.

No Add-On Fees.

Many creatives will estimate or quote a project only to pad the bill in the end. Capture fees, web proofs, digital or physical delivery fees.

At Dion & Company we give you a written estimate and stick to it…..unless you change it. Change orders can change the final value fee but it’s your choice.

You Get More Than You Expect.

We contract by half and full days and we work like our pants are on fire. We have never disappointed our customers with quality and quantity of images. There are times when we’re not called back for more photography for quite some time because of the volume of content we provide in a single shoot. Good for you, bad for us but working hard is part of the package.

The Fastest Delivery You’ve Ever Seen!

Really. In most cases, your final images are ready to be downloaded before noon on the following work day. We have other projects to attend to so we deliver quickly. We offer the industry standard 30 day terms but LOVE it when we get paid as fast as we deliver.

Top Gear

(and the ability to utilize it to its potential)
In today’s world of camera phones and action-cams, everyone thinks they’re a photographer. What they do not understand is that having a good phone or camera no more qualifies the individual to be a photographer than having a car and thinking you’ll win the Daytona 500.

Images are the attention-getters of your business. Whether you sell products or services, your images need to engage the viewer so that they take notice and choose your company for their needs. Advertising photography is not just about the camera. It’s knowing what will appeal to your audience and photograph it for marketing your company. It’s WAY more than just a camera and we get that 100%.


Photo and video productions have landed us in a wide variety of spaces and situations. Hospitals, clean rooms, food processing plants as well as boats, warehouses, factories, scaffolding and fork-lifts are standard types of locations. We have produced marketing images within extreme environments from coal fired electrical power plants to bootie wearing med-tech manufacturing to luxury brand automobiles and everything in between. Dion has hung out of helicopters without anything but a harness, has photographed pro baseball for a world-wide news service, geared up in a hardhat and fireproof clothing at electrical transformer sites and on occasion worn a tuxedo.

No matter what your environment, we can do it.

It’s Covered.

We take the business part of our business seriously. Dion & Company maintains liability and workman’s comp insurance. In all our years, we have never had to use it but it’s there. Certificates of Insurance can be provided if necessary.
We deliver goods in a professional & speedy manner and invoice you only upon receipt of the master images.

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