Some are willing to sacrifice quality for quantity

One of the more frequent questions I get is “how many photos do we get in a day or half day”. Good question. Not a simple answer.

Each company has to make their own decisions about budgets and where that money goes. Business 101. For some reason, I have interacted with many companies that want to know a finite number. Although this is a valid question, the answer is far from simple. My general response has always been, as picture count goes up, image impact goes down.

Creating marketing images is so much more than just clicking the shutter. Most pro cameras can record eight or more images per second. This is not the NFL. Things do not happen that fast in the manufacturing world and not all of those NFL shots are keepers.

When you hire a professional industrial / advertising photographer, you should get more than a chimp who pushes the button. You should have a reasonable expectation that the images created will reflect on your products, people and processes that can grab attention and attract new clients for quite some time. These kinds of images take time. The pro never walks up to a machine and grabs a shot then walks away.

If the photographer you’ve hired doesn’t roll in with lighting or only has an on-camera flash, you’ve hired the wrong photographer.

Dion & Company arrives with a vehicle full of gear, ready for any scenario in photography or video. Along with creativity and knowledge of industrial settings, we arrive with 3 different lighting kits and cinema gels (LED, Flash & Tungsten), 4 professional cameras, lenses from fish-eye to super telephoto, 3 action cameras, manual and motorized panoramic heads, over 400 feet of industrial grade extension cords and power strips, a van that includes a built-in A/C source to run the lights when necessary and every other photography & video gizmo known to man!

We are ready for everything from headshots to panoramas.

The first example shown (microscope) took 4 hours to set up, light and record. It made the cover of a trade magazine. Looks like the time taken to create the image was well worth it.

The second image shown (car interior), which was one of 5, took the entire 8 hours to photograph. The lighting was the subject but I had to add lighting that was perfectly balanced and not overpower the LED color mood lights. The image was used world-wide by a German company.

The factory image took approximately 20 minutes to set-up and shoot. Very little had to be done with the lighting but the models needed some coaching.

The last image was about 2 minutes. Available light, tripod and click! It lives somewhere deep inside the company’s web site. Just a filler shot.

So how many images will you get?
Sometimes it’s just one. Other times, it can be 200.

©2017 Wayne Dion / Dion & Company