A Photographer or Industrial Photographer?

Who’s Who?

There are many aspects of photography from amateur to world traveling professionals. Each individual has a unique look and approach to their image making. Some good and some, not so much.

So who do you choose for your construction or industrial photography? The right one.

A good industrial photographer is just that….an industrial photographer. We don’t accept assignments for school portraits, wedding, social events, family gatherings or soccer games. We have all the PPE required by the safety officers and OSHA. We come prepared. You can spot us from a mile away. We have the cleanest safety clothing on site even if it’s not really that clean!

We know to check in at the field office when we arrive and sign out when we leave. We sit through safety orientation meetings and adhere stickers on our hard hats as a badge of honor. We’re not afraid to pass a drug test or have our images verified before we leave the site. It’s all in a day’s work.

An industrial photographer sees the art, science and hard work it takes to develop an industrial location. We appreciate the excavator operator, the steel worker, the drilling & blasting and the general contractor’s wishes. We stay out of their way and stay safe at all times. Safety First, photos second. Never the two shall swap places.

A good industrial photographer will never take chances or jeopardize the trust the site management has bestowed upon us but we also would rather not photograph everything from eye level in our fancy steel toed boots.

Whatever it takes to get a great image, we’ll do it. Jump in a boat, climb a scaffold, getting into a man lift or bucket truck are all part of the plan. We bring long lenses to stay safely away from hazardous materials areas and super wide angle lenses to get inside the cab of an excavator or 4’ sewer pipe.

The next time you looking for your industrial or construction site to be photographed, hire a full time industrial photographer. We’ll get the job done safe and right.

©2017 Wayne Dion / Dion & Company


Thinking, Visualizing & Creating Outside the Box

What Box?

The last kind of photographer you want to put in charge of your advertising and promotional imaging is one who actually knows where the box is.

So what’s the creative box?
It’s the point of view that is normal and mundane. The view that is taken at eye level with available factory light with either a cheap lens and camera or a cell phone. It may be focused and exposed properly but it does not have an edge to it. It will not get noticed and therefor doesn’t help build your brand. Is saving on a creative photographer costing you too much in building your brand?

Day to day you look at your machines and processes. After day 2 you’re probably not very impressed with all of it. You may not even realize, visually, what is happening with the light, textures or surfaces. It becomes boring for you very quickly. You’re more concerned with it all working properly to keep the company rolling along.

An outside the box photographer may ask themselves, what might it look like if the product is looking back at you? They may also see other juxtapositions that you’ve never could have imagined. Or, they may ask, what if that product was the entire background to the machine making it? A great photographer will also possess great Photoshop skills and can deliver an image that you would never have imagined. Channeling Salvatore Dali can sometimes be an advantage!

The sample shown here are two clean room workers with injection molded parts. The parts are no more than 2 inches or so. The composite was used to illustrate the importance of each and every piece produced and the pride behind the work. They all have to pass quality control before being shipped out to the customer. Getting it perfect is important to most companies with a commitment to quality. They know that their reputation is on the line with every single 2-inch part they ship and they ship them by the tens of thousands.

Outside the box 2.0.
In order to take a great photograph, you need great light. What happens if the product IS the light itself?

These LED lights are state-of-the-art. The fixtures, however, are not all that exciting. The light source, combined with the custom manufactured optical lens is what make it great.

So how do you capture the light? Turn all the lights in the room off and fog it with a machine designed for nightclubs. Just leave the sparkle ball back in the studio…. forever.


A DMX style controller changes each output to the desired color. Add a little fog and the results are unexpected and amazing.

Solving visual problems is what a good commercial & industrial photographer can do for you.

The next time you need to hire a creative photographer, find one who doesn’t even know that there is a box.

©2017 Wayne Dion / Dion & Company

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